Дюсон. Ортопедические кроватные основания и мебельная фурнитура ООО "Дюсон"
Flexible bed bases
and furniture fittings.
Production and sale.

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Orthopedic bed bases ex-works

Bed base fittings

Duson, LLC is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of orthopedic bed bases in a wooden frame and molded plastic fittings for bed and upholstered furniture. More than 200 furniture companies in Russia buy Duson, LLC products. Since 2012, our bed bases have been exported outside the Russian Federation to countries such as:

АрменияАзербайджанРеспублика БеларусьГерманияГрузияРеспублика КазахстанПольшаРеспублика Таджикистан

The Duson, LLC products have hygienic safety certificate of Rospotrebnadzor, as well as state tests reports, including those for compliance with the TR CU requirements, confirming the strength and reliability of flexible bed bases (withstand over 5000 loading cycles during testing!)

Since 2010, our orthopedic bed bases have been laureates of "100 Best Goods of Russia”, the All-Russian competition.

Duson, LLC is a laureate of the following international competitions for:

  • High usability;
  • High eco-friendliness;
  • Rational and sustainable use of natural resources.

Duson, LLC has won a silver medal "For Quality”, and the director has been honored with an honorary badge “For Excellence in Quality".

Our clients

We work with large companies such as

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Videos about our bed bases

“Comfort” series

“Comfort T” series

“Comfort plus T” series

“Comfort CE” series

Profile vs laminated veneer lumber tests


Why do you choose us?

- a stock of production for clients at our warehouses is a guarantee of fast shipment;
- 1,5 year product warranty;
- face-to-face work with every client, including private persons

The Duson Ltd. is one of the main Russian producers of orthopedic grids (flexible bed bases). Since 2001 our specialists have been developing and making orthopedic bases for the leading furniture factories in Russia.

We have mastered the manufacture of the model range of such flexible bed bases as Comfort and Relax on wooden frames made of flat-glued square-sawn birch timber, and also Comfort M on metal frames. Constructively the bases are made in single-, 'three-quarter' size- (which is half-way between a double and a single bed) and double-bed versions as bed inserts or as self-supporting structures on legs (ottomans). The sizes of the bases are specified by the customer.

For elite furniture we make automatic adjustable bed bases Relax-Elektro equipped with electric drives and control panels.

Big producers of sleeping furniture will undoubtedly be interested in our new slat holders. The customers can have their relief logos stamped on the view planes of the slat holders.

Modern equipment and up-to-date production engineering, high-quality and ecologically clean materials ensure that the products of the Duson Ltd. are in conformity with the world market standards.

Each year the Duson Company takes part in the international exhibitions, and this allows us to keep up with the modern trends of the market development and to be a step ahead of the growing necessities of the buyers.