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Flexible bed bases
and furniture fittings.
Production and sale.

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"Comfort" user feedback

Aleksei, 03.02.2015

I’ve got the base: well-crafted, with a veneered frame, easy to assemble, surprisingly - GOST-certified; the assembled base has perfectly fit in the bed, elastic, functions, rather simple design but at fair price, a little bit splintery but made of natural plywood.

Valerii, 16.05.2015

A good, easy-to-assemble base. I have been using for a month already, everything is comfortable.

Ekaterina, 22.11.2015

The base is of excellent quality, assembled in just half an hour! We have been using it for almost a month, without any claims for this product!

Olga, 11.03.2016

The base was delivered disassembled, but the instructions are quite clear. While waiting for my husband, I assembled it in half an hour) The design looks reliable enough.

Sergei, 15.08.2016

The base is excellent, does not squeak. Solid and breakage-resistant, even after jumping on the bed.

Vladislav, 25.01.2017

Just an ordinary base. However, made of good materials, adequate wood, bent lamellas with the same radius of curvature (previously used to have an issue with it). Assembly takes nerves: when one part is assembled, the other strives to jump out. It took me about half an hour.

Ivan, 03.08.2017

A good, sound base; well-crafted, dense lamellas, which is good for a mattress. I have bought two baseless beds. I have chosen this base and have no regrets. Everything is clear, good, high-quality and practical! The lamellas hold well and stay firmly inside their holders.

Angelina, 17.04.2018

We decided to buy a new bed base for our teenage son. We chose the preferred model online. We were most afraid of how to assemble it, as we decided not to overpay for the assembly service. It turned out to be easy to assemble, like a construction toy. The best part is that it is made of durable natural wood. The base itself adapts as accurately as possible to the lying position of the person. This is quite convenient for the growing body. The son is also very pleased.

Arkadii, 10.09.2019

A strong birch base. We bought bases for several beds at once, both for double and single beds, for us and our children. The good old birch tree is back in business, similar but at a slightly different price; everything stands firmly, without any parts loose or swinging. Thus, we bought another, cheaper but still good bases for our country house. The lamellas withstand both the mattresses and our bodies. The size fit in the bed. So, me and my family have no claims (although they don’t get into the nuts and bolts)))

Elena, 22.05.2020

An ordinary base, easy to assemble.