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Flexible bed bases (according to GOST 19917-93 «Sitting and lying furniture» - flexible bed bases) are known as orthopedic bases, orthopedic grids, bed bases and bed grids.

It is not correct to name a flexible bed base an orthopedic bed base as the word «orthopedic» is derived from the Greek word «Orthopedia» that means a medical discipline that identifies, cures and prevents deformations and damages of the supporting-motor apparatus. Thus, the «orthopedic» grid is not medical therapeutic equipment. At the same time, design features of flexible bed bases remove the pressure from the whole length of the spine during the sleep and that relaxes the body and works as a prevention of some diseases of the musculoskeletal system. That is why the first producers of flexible bed bases named them «orthopedic».

That is also the reason why producers of matrasses named some of their production «orthopedic matrasses».

This term is well-known on the Russian market. That is why we use such combinations of words as «orthopedic grids», «orthopedic bases», «orthopedic supports for matrasses» to make the web search of our site easier.

A flexible bed base is used as a part of a bed or as a single bed.

Latoflexes are curved laths made of birch or beech veneer and they are the main parts of flexible bed bases. They are also known as laths, lamellae, ply-curve elastic laths, curved laminated wood parts and curved plywood. Latoflexes with fittings are ply-curve lamellae  (LSP).

Fittings may consist of  regulators  (stiffness regulators mounted on ply-curve laths) and slat holders (made of high pressure polyethylene) or thermoelastoplast slat holders.

A frame of an orthopedic base is made of flat laminated beams with section 40 х 18÷22 or 50 х 18÷22.

The catalog of orthopedic bed bases