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The results of our bed furniture sales on the Russian market show that the demand on flexible wooden bed bases constantly grows.

About the advantages of flexible wooden bed bases

The results of our bed furniture sales on the Russian market show that the demand on flexible wooden bed bases constantly grows.

Our orthopedic bed bases are made of flat birch laminated beams and have the following advantages:

- the price: our orthopedic bases cost much lower than the same products made of metal;

- durability and robustness: the governmental tests of the Research Center Vector approve these qualities. A base made of birch flat laminated beams is as hard as a metal base and it is much harder than materials of other companies (such materials like pine beams, LVL). Also on excessive loading, the metal may bend despite the flat laminated beams that just bounce;

- comfort: using narrow slats with their number increasing to 16 per bed (slats width -51 mm) or 28 per bed (slats width -38 mm) improves the orthopedic effectiveness of our products. We have been producing the grids for 8 years and within this period we’ve received no reclamations, even concerning the scratchiness;

- universality of the base: the Comfort orthopedic grid is easy to manufacture, it suits all types of beds from simple to elite. Also no need to make changes in the bed construction in order to replace a metal grid to a wooden one;

- the product’s movability: the Comfort orthopedic bases are delivered in parts in a corrugated board packing and can be shipped to a customer before assembling at your facilities. An instruction and required tools are attached to a packing;

- shipment cost effectiveness: the construction movability and a small packing decrease shipment and storage costs. It is much easier to deliver a corrugated board packing with dimensions 2020х160х70 mm and that weights 7,5 kg than a solid metal frame. For example a 5-ton container may contain more than 400 single orthopedic bases;

Moreover, many furniture manufacturers point out that a wooden base is more natural and ecofriendly for furniture.

One should also mention health-promoting characteristics of orthopedic grids. Orthopedic bases satisfy one of the main needs of a man- a need for a healthy and deep sleep.

Ply-curve lamellae, which are used in the construction of orthopedic bases, are ideal for holding a man’s body during the sleep. Lamellae spread out the load along the whole length of a man’s spine, preventing its curvature, maintain perfect comfort conditions, and all that makes the sleep deep. Moreover, the distances between lamellae are ideal for the mattress ventilation, thus the bed hygienic conditions are observed.

The advantages of wooden bed bases are approved by the fact that their demand constantly grows among furniture manufacturers.

Adapted from OOO Duson

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