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Frequently answered questions and everything you want to know about orthopedic beds.

Proper rest is very important for everyone due to wild tempo of modern living. Some people prefer to go fishing, somebody likes cycling and some would better go to night clubs. But everyone would agree that rest can be tiresome and the only thing a person needs when he\she got tired is a good sleep.

A sleep is very important to everyone. A guarantee of a good sleep is a bed of functional design that helps to remove stress and fatigue and relax the spine. An orthopedic base, installed into a bed suits perfectly for that. Also, an orthopedic base makes air circulation easier and prolongs the life cycle of a mattress and sustains the correct microclimate in a bedroom.

Specialists of Duson earned huge experience in production quality issues. The answers and questions below are typical at exhibitions and furniture shops before buying the base and during its usage. We hope that answers&questions will help you to choose a bed and an orthopedic base for good sleeping and rest.

Question: I have a 12 year old son, is it possible to use an orthopedic base in his bed?

Answer: An orthopedic base with legs can be installed in a teenager’s bed. It resists heavy load, though it is not recommended to jump or stand on it with both feet. The durability of the whole construction can be achieved by increasing the number of flexible elements (latoflexes).

Question: Why do you offer to buy an orthopedic base? What are its advantages?

Answer: The main advantage of the orthopedic bed base is the usage of flexible elements (latoflexes). Using the orthopedic bed bases evenly spreads the load along the bed and avoids the hammock effect. As result, the body has a good rest; the muscles and the spine relax.

Question: How long is the life period of an orthopedic bed base?

Answer: The life period of a Duson orthopedic bed base is unlimited. The bases’ guarantee period is 3 years. Other producers of bases set different life periods.

Question: Are there any differences between orthopedic bases for kids and grown-ups?

Answer: Yes, there are differences. Orthopedic bases for kids and teenagers have less space between latoflexes; it should be 7 sm and even 5-6 sm. By narrowing the distance between latoflexes and increasing their number we harden the whole construction.

Question: Are there demountable bed bases, suitable for transportation and easy to assemble?

Answer: Yes, there are some types of demountable bases. One of them is a demountable wooden base. Its frame is made of flat birch laminated beam. They are not only compact but also eco-friendly, light and relatively inexpensive. These bases can be disassembled and moved to a new place and then assembled again.

Question: My wife and I are stout. We do worry whether an orthopedic base can carry our weight or not?

Answer: We recommend you to buy an orthopedic base with wide legs. 6 legs are necessary for a double bed base – 4 legs in the corners and a leg in the middle of every bed. Producers often use a single leg in the middle of a double base. Duson’s specialists believe that such construction is non-durable. It is important that the legs are set in the middle of beds as the main load is concentrated there. It is also important to place the bed on flat surface and make sure that the legs are in upright position.

Question: How to choose a base for my bed?

Answer: That is the most frequently asked question. There are many types of orthopedic bases and they can be classified according to several features.

First of all, the bases can be with legs and without them. It depends on a bed construction and your budget. A base without legs is off course less expensive.

A particular type is an orthopedic base with a lift mechanism. An orthopedic base is attached to a bed frame. The space under the matters can be used as storage of clothes or other things. The mechanism can be installed into any bed depending on its construction.

Orthopedic bases with variable geometry can be recommended for comfort lovers. These bases make it possible to lift a person’s head for example to read or watch TV or use a notebook while staying in bed. Such bases allow regulating the leg section. That can ease the muscles after trainings or long working days. Also, such bases are comfortable for the pregnant and lactating mothers with babies.

Question: Which beds are more reliable, with or without orthopedic base?

Answer: It is difficult to give yes or no answer to this question as there are many types of beds on the market. A bed can be reliable with or without an orthopedic base. The quality of a bed and its fittings are the most important things.

Question: What kind of orthopedic mattress is better for an orthopedic base?

Answer: It would be better if you ask a manufacturer of the mattress you liked. However, the majority of all mattresses are suitable for inexpensive orthopedic bases. It is necessary to know that it is better to use bases with narrow latoflexes (width up to 38 mm) with 26-28 pcs per bed with mattresses having independent pocket springs.

Latex mattresses with thickness up to 14 sm or alike with electro drives should be used with variable geometry bases.

Question: What bases are inexpensive? Are they worth to buy?

Answer: An inexpensive orthopedic base that has no legs. In most of the cases this base is a good choice. You should pay attention to the material of the frame, the diameter of pipes or beams and the way latoflexes mounted to the frame. We advise you not to buy the base if the diameter of a pipe or a beam is small as it may bend or brake.

Question: What should be paid attention to when buying an orthopedic base?

Answer: In addition to the previous answer, a customer has to check out the legs. A base with long and thin legs, for instance made of metallic pipe or veneer isn’t a good choice. Sooner or later such kind of joint will fail you. We recommend you to choose massive legs, which supporting areas and mounting spots to the frame are more reliable and thicker.

Duson company wishes you good dreams and the best of health.

Ask us a question if you haven’t found an answer.