Дюсон. Ортопедические кроватные основания и мебельная фурнитура ООО "Дюсон"
Flexible bed bases
and furniture fittings.
Production and sale.

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OOO Duson

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Orthopedic bed bases

Advantages of Duson Ltd. orthopedic bed bases

Moderate prices

Directly from the manufacturer


Light (in comparison with metal bases)

Easy to transport

Ventilation of mattresses

Adjustment of stiffness

Easy to mantle and dismantle

OOO Duson operations areas and stages of development

Development of our company and presence regions of Duson

Доставка Беларусь, Украина, Казахстан

Why do you choose us?

- a stock of production for clients at our warehouses is a guarantee of fast shipment;
- 1,5 year product warranty;
- face-to-face work with every client, including private persons

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