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Comfort 2.3UT flexible bed base

A double bed base of enhanced comfort.
Основание для кровати двуспальное
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Основание для кровати двуспальное
Основание для кровати двуспальное
Основание для кровати двуспальное

A double flexible bed base-sofa. Can be installed into a bed or used as an independent construction for sleeping.

A base frame is made of flat laminated birch beams connected with UUP 01 (UUP 03) corner nodes, with outer radius 70 mm.

Latoflexes used: width 38 mm, set into slat holders LDT 2.38-3 with 3 degrees of freedom. The material of the leg is MDF.

The product could be equipped with stiffness regulators and additional lamellae for individual adjusting.

The standard height of a flexible bed base (from the bottom to upper surface of slat holder) – 245 mm. The required height is to be discussed with a customer.

Some strength properties of the product are even better than the same properties of orthopedic grids made of all- welded profiled metal pipe.

It is recommended to use with latex mattresses or with mattresses of similar characteristics and thickness up to 150 mm.

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