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Comfort 1.1T flexible bed base

A single flexible bed base-sofa.
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The size of a bed base
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A single flexible bed base-sofa. Can be installed into a bed or used as an independent construction for sleeping.

A base frame is made of flat laminated birch beams connected with 18mm veneer haunches.

Latoflexes used: width 50 mm, set into slat holders LDP 54-05 or their analogs. The material of the leg is spruce.

The standard height of a flexible bed base (from bottom to the upper surface of slat holder) – 245 mm. The required height is to be discussed with a customer.

Some strength properties of the product are even better than the same properties of orthopedic grids made of all- welded profiled metal pipe.

Can be used with any types of matrasses.

A single flexible bed base-sofa - picture.

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Сечение каркаса основания 50 х 18 мм
Количество ламелей 15 шт
Сечение ламелей 50 х 8 мм
Тип латодержателя Одна степень свободы
Наличие регуляторов жесткости Нет
Опоры Есть, 165 мм, 5 шт
RUB 1420