Дюсон. Ортопедические кроватные основания и мебельная фурнитура
Flexible bed bases
and furniture fittings.
Production and sale.

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OOO Duson

65, Svoboda st., Kirov

We’ve moved to a new office! The accomplished work is an approval that the move is an anxious business.

So, we moved to a new office. The work we’ve done was an anxious business.

We are glad to inform you that due to the effective planning of production facility, the acceptance procedure, the finished goods shipment and other associated operations take less time, also, the working conditions have been improved.

By making a separate workshop of variable geometry bed bases Relax, we greatly increased production of this commodity. We are planning to make a workshop of our own bed line.

We are happy to see you from Monday to Friday, 8.00-17.00 in our office 32, Mostovaya Str., Kirov (Comintern).