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«PentaFlex Power» flexible bed base

«PentaFlex Power» flexible bed base
Трансформируемое ортопедическое основания Релакс Плюс 5.3
Sales price 10840 руб
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The size of a bed base
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Трансформируемое ортопедическое основания Релакс Плюс 5.3
Трансформируемое ортопедическое основания Релакс Плюс 5.3
Трансформируемое ортопедическое основания Релакс Плюс 5.3
The flexible single bed base is a couch with an adjustable height of the head and leg sections (6 fixed positions for each section). Installable in the bed frame.

The material for the bed base frame is laminated birch blocks of increased section (60x24 mm – external bearing bed base frame, 60x21 mm – internal bed base frame). The frame is assembled using 7x50 and 7x70 Confirmat screws.

The structure comprises 36 mm wide plastic flexi slats. They have a different diameter of the central string to adjust their flexibility and provide optimum support for the body during sleep. It is a novel patented technology. The bed base is rigidly packed.

The characteristics and strength of this product are better than those of the all-welded shaped steel tube ortho bed bases.

Suitable for latex or equivalent mattresses up to 120 mm thick.

Technical parameters:
Cross section of the outer frame 60 x 24 mm
Cross section of the inner frame 60 x 21 mm
Number of bed slats 28 pieces
Cross section of bed slats 36 x 9 mm; 36 x 10 mm
Type of bed slat holder -
Type of transformation Mechanical
Presence of regulators of rigidity No
Presence of mattress holder Yes, 2 pieces
Supports No
Технические характеристики
Сечение внешнего каркаса основания 60 х 24 мм
Сечение внутреннего каркаса 60 х 21 мм
Количество ламелей 28 шт
Сечение ламелей 36 х 9 мм
36 х 10 мм
Тип латодержателя -
Тип трансформации Механический
Наличие регуляторов жесткости Нет
Наличие матрасодержателя Есть, 2 шт
Опоры Нет
RUB 10840