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Flexible bed bases
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The basis of the bed-type is a flexible "Relax Electro 2.3-2 UT"

Double flexible bed base — a couch with adjustable height of lumbar, lower back and head zones with the help of the control panel and two electric motors.

It is installed in a bed or used as an independent structure for the organization of a berth. There is a symmetrical raising of the foot zone and the head area.

A base frame is made of a flat-faced birch blocks, connected with each other by corner units UUP 01 (UUP 03) with external radii of roundings of 70 mm. The bars of the lifting parts are connected with each other by the corner nodes UUP 02. The radiuses of the rounding UPU 01 (UPO 03) and UUP 002 are interconnected.

In the product, latoflexes with a width of 38 mm are installed on the lathe holders of the LDT 2.38-3 with three degrees of freedom.

The product can be completed with cursors and additional latoflexes for individual adjustment of the rigidity of the deflection of the sleeper.

The base height of the flexible bed base (up to the upper plane of the latot holder) is 245 mm. The required height is agreed with the customer.

The product in terms of its parameters and strength characteristics is not inferior to orthopedic grilles made from an all-welded profile metal tube.

Designed for use with latex or mattresses of similar thickness up to 120 mm.