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The basis of the bed-type flexible "Comfort Plus 2.1TC"

A double-bed flexible bed base-sofa on a reinforced frame
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Double-bed, f flexible bed base-sofa on a STRONG framework (the cross-section of the frame is increased from 50 x 18 to 60 x 24 mm). Installed in bed or used as an independent structure for the organization of berths.

The frame of the base is made of a plane-faced birch blocks, connected together by "kerchiefs" made of 18 mm thick plywood.

Latoflexes used: width 50 mm, set into slat holders LDP 54-05 or their analogs. The legs are made of pine.

The base height of the flexible bed base (up to the upper plane of the latotine holder) is 245 mm. The required height is agreed with the customer.

The product in terms of its parameters and strength characteristics in some cases exceeds the orthopedic grilles made from an all-welded profile metal tube.

Can be used with any types of matrasses.

Основание кроватное гибкое: протокол испытания

Технические характеристики
Сечение каркаса основания 60 х 24 мм
Количество ламелей 30 шт.
Сечение ламелей 50 х 8 мм
Тип латодержателя Одна степень свободы
Наличие регуляторов жесткости Нет
Опоры Есть, 165 мм, 6 шт.
RUB 2286