Дюсон. Ортопедические кроватные основания и мебельная фурнитура ООО "Дюсон"
Flexible bed bases
and furniture fittings.
Production and sale.

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OOO Duson

65, Svoboda st., Kirov

ул. Свободы, д. 65 Киров, RU +7 (8332) 22-88-44

OOO Duson is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of flexible bed bases (orthopedic grids). Our specialists develop, produce and sale orthopedic bed bases for largest Russian and CIS furniture factories. We also manufacture production for developing partners.

We produce several types of flexible bed orthopedic bases, including such types as Comfort and Relax and their modifications.

Under the All-Russian Association – Furniture Makers of Russia, our production has successfully passed the voluntary GOST certification 19917-93 – Bed and Cushioned Furniture. General specifications.

According to results of international exhibitions, the production and the company OOO Duson have the following awards:

  • High application properties;
  • Ecology friendliness;
  • Practical and careful use of natural resources.

In 2009, OOO Duson was awarded a silver medal “For the quality”. In 2010, the production of Comfort UT type was the award winner of a contest the 100 Best Products of Russia with a presentation of the badge honor “Best quality” to the director.

The company Duson informs that in September 2011, the company’s production has passed the voluntary certification of GOST P, and approved the quality of bed bases.

The production of OOO Duson:

  • Orthopedic bed bases (grids)
  • Ply-curve lamellae for bed and cushioned furniture
  • Fasteners for bed and cushioned furniture